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Sometimes, you have a sudden urge to express directly to this blog’s creator, to yell at him or to tell him sweet words. In both cases (not at the same time, it’ld be weird) I invite you to contact me on one of the channel I use the most:

If you are nowhere in this list, you can try with my firstname and lastname on Gmail 😁

I can’t propose support to everyone because I’m just a human being. So please, do not expect support if you are not clear with your question, context, and situation.

Partnership & ads

I receive lot of messages about partnership and links sharing. I can’t answer to all of them positively, because it’s not this blog’s goal.

Today this blog has its numbers: 155’000 views with 55’000 unique visitors by month. If you want to benefit from this visibility to promote your product, please be as accurate and direct as possible.