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Topics of the articles

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Topics of the articles

Here is a short list of the blog’s categories as well as a summary of the content for each of them in order to better guide you in your navigation.
They are all planned but perhaps not all very provided yet…

Enjoy your visit!

CSS / CSS3 9 articles RSS
CSS2.1 is very large and quite unknown. With the arrival of CSS3, Web Designers in need of renewal are blindly throwing themselves into this new version without even knowing all the possibilities of its big sister CSS2.1. You will therefore find in this category articles dealing with CSS3, but also with CSS2.1, a version recently finalized by the W3C.
Development 3 articles RSS
Because the Web runs non-stop it is important to keep up to date with the latest developments (HTML5, CSS3 for example). This section will therefore focus on Web technologies, but only those I'm familiar with. Once again, let me know what you find and I will be happy to publish an article.
Graphism 2 articles RSS
The movements of the graphics, the worked designs, or the tutorials or sources of the moment will be informed in this section. It may however be very subjective, so do not hesitate to share your sources with me!
JavaScript / jQuery 8 articles RSS
Today, it is almost impossible to consider a website without a minimum of development in JavaScript. This language very often makes it possible to simplify and make smooth the user's actions, to propose indications during his navigation, or create really rich interactions. Let's try to see this together.
Resources & Tools 15 articles RSS
Are you a Webmaster/designer or graphic designer looking for interesting resources on the Web? Then check this section regularly or subscribe to its RSS feed, as soon as I find something interesting you will be the first to be informed. If you find resources or tools, let me know ;)
SEO 1 articles RSS
The Web is vast, your site is probably lost in the midst of a lot of other content. Efforts in the quality of your code, its semantics and other small attentions can make you stand out from the crowd. We are interested in this category.
Tutorials 10 articles RSS
This section includes various formats and levels of tutorials. From tutorial hyper detailed to the small `quick` trick, the articles in this section are intended to explain a concept or the use of a technology specified in a playful way, often by taking the example of a concrete case step by step. You will find HTML, CSS, jQuery, JS Vanilla or even PHP and WordPress. Sometimes even some Photoshop or Illustrator tutorials.
User Experience 6 articles RSS
The user experience, known as UX Design, brings together all the knowledge, methods and techniques of research and design in order to improve the experience that the user has with an interface (often web or application), but also the experience before and after use.
WordPress 3 articles RSS
Having some affinity with this CMS, I dedicate some articles, tutorials and plugins to share my experience as a user and developer. WordPress is very flexible, so it's difficult to limit myself to my few articles, so don't hesitate to send me suggestions for articles!