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The Web is too bug. I propose to you to keep digging to find the best resources of the week/month (depending the time I give to curating). I mainly use social network to find and share those links. This is a selection of JS, CSS and UI resources only for you.


  • PhysicsJS – a physical rendering engine in JavaScript
  • Mobify.js – a dynamic responsive image generator
  • SnapSVG – a library to create SVG animation easily
  • offline.js – a script to display an informative message web a web app turns offline
  • UnSlider – a simple responsive jQuery slider with keyboard control
  • Lazy Line Painter – animate your SVG line by line with this jQuery plugin
  • Oridomi – a JS library to create animated origami


  • FlatIcon Plugin – a plugin to get 16000+ vector icons in Photoshop
  • PhotoshoPlr – a list of good Photoshop plugins (free and paid)

Conferences & Slides


  • Lighting CSS Media query – an article on CSS Media Query lvl4 called “Lightning”
  • Size Calculator – get the third value by filling the 2 others between distance, size and perceived size.


  • Native Form Elements – (almost) all Form HTML elements gathered on the same page
  • RealFaviconGenerator – a good Favicon generateur for your browser, iOS, android, etc.
  • Duet App – a tool for freelancer and little agency for project management
  • GlyphSearch – an icon search system to search through Font Awesome, Glyphicons and Ionicons
  • Ink – a tool to create responsive emails
  • – create a chanel, copy and share the link of your video chat, that’s all.

Don’t hesitate to give me feedback on those tools and share your scripts.
Have a good day!