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This selection is the 42th in French, but I translated only some of them in english. I’ll bring to you the previous ones bit by bit I promise. Find a list of curated resources from the web. Those links come from my daily posts on Twitter. Come to say hello!


CSS sticky position and flexbox detailed. A great resource in JS and some good curated links among the web.

  • – Follow those little demonstrations and case studies to learn more about CSS Flexbox Layout, step by step, and become a Flexbox Ninja! And it’s a PWA ;p
  • Position: stuck – The shortcomings of position: sticky; when working with overflow.
  • MiniSearch JS – MiniSearch is a tiny but powerful in-memory fulltext search engine for JavaScript. It is respectful of resources, and it can comfortably run both in Node and in the browser.
  • DailyDevLinks – A list of curated daily links for web developers.
  • How do you figure? – A better understanding of figure and figcaption in HTML5.

UI Design

Visual resources to help you build better User Interfaces and stunned demo.

  • Remix Icon – Remix Icon is a set of open source neutral style system symbols elaborately crafted for designers and developers. All of the icons are free to use for both personal and commercial.
  • Unicons – 1000+ Pixel-perfect vector icons and Iconfont for your next project by Iconscout.
  • – All in one place with templates for Sketch, Adobe XD & Photoshop.
  • Rotato 3D Mockups – Animated 3D mockups for your app designs, no 3D experience required. (free in beta for Mac OS)
  • Cloudflare Design – A nice little tool for picking accessible color combinations. You can lock a few colors and see the preview of random color palettes in front of you.
  • Building Your Color Palette – Great inputs on how to build Color Palette that works.

UX Design

User Experience oriented article and readings.

Inspiration & Delight

Things that make me stunned in front of my screen, or inspire me while I was navigating on the web.

  • MakeMePulse 2019 – A delightful visual adventure to wish you the best in 2019.
  • Blacks Who Design – A curated list of Twitter accounts of black designers for a more inclusive visibility.
  • TRUST The Process – How to present your best, when you’re at your worst. An inspirational post.
  • WOWA – Free do whatever you want Music.

Web up-to-date

Some updates here and there about systems, browser or whatever.

Don’t hesitate to share your resources with me, I’ll take time to have a look on it.

Have a good reading.