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Posts by Geoffrey Crofte

Y.O.L.O – a new UX Design Framework

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Between trendy terms like Product Discovery, and older terms we’ve been carrying around for years, like UCD (User Centered Design) and the Double Diamond, it’s time to make room for the concept of user research that you’ll inevitably encounter in all design-forward companies: Y.O.L.O.

In-App Review: How to ask for a review on the AppStore?

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When the design and development of a mobile application reaches its high point, a crucial question arises: when is the right time to ask users for an “In-App Review”, that long-awaited opportunity to gather opinions on the Apple or Android App Store platforms? Find out in this article how to choose the right time to do this, and what you should do to maximise its impact.

AI Tools as Alternative & Complement to ChatGPT

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Due to the recent media attention surrounding ChatGPT’s success, AI has gained a new persona; however, this is not representative of all AI available. Beyond simply conversing with AI, there are a plethora of capabilities that can assist with various tasks such as voice editing, music generation, image manipulation, photo clean-up, and more. Join me as we explore some of these capabilities.

Plugins to build an accessible form for WordPress

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In my eternal quest for a better web, a question was recently asked to me on LinkedIn. The question was: do you know a WordPress plugin that allows you to create an accessible form? I’ve never asked myself this question because I use Contact Form 7 which allows you to do a bit of everything. But let’s dig in. — A visual sitemap builder

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Recently, I have been working on two website projects within the company I work with. Both need a complete rework in there visual aspect, but also in there content hierarchy and complete architecture. That is where and its visual sitemap builder came as a really good discovery. — Design Suggestions to Everyday Products

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Let me tell you the story of the beginning of a side project that offers design suggestions. One of my many projects, but one that for once came to life much faster than expected. Thanks to competent people and (no-code) services that are so easy to use, we were able to concentrate on our content.

Pantone 2021: Working on an Accessible Color Palette

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A lot of people seem to want to play with the Pantone colors of the year. Maybe these colors inspire more creative people. Or maybe it’s because it’s rare to get two of them. Note however that their use in the web, or digital assets, can have an impact on the accessibility of your creations. Small note on this topic.

Debugging CSS – A book by Ahmad Shadeed

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You might already know Ahmad for all his sharing within the web community.  He published a book about Debugging CSS that will help beginners but also more advanced developers finding out and resolving bugs. All of that in a well illustrated and structured digital book.

PWA – Add shortcuts to your application

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You have probably already used these shortcuts available at “force touch” or “long touch” on your mobile application icons? It’s a way to access shortcuts inside your application to quickly access a section, or directly start a more precise action. It is now possible to do this for your Progressive Web App (PWA).

A One Time Code Input compatible with Keyboard suggestion

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Ones of the more painful experiences on mobile come with infinite online forms you have to fill in here and there. What about optimizing those experiences step by step? Today I propose to you a solution for One Time Code input: You receive the SMS with a code, your keyboard suggest-it to you, one tap, done! Ok let’s go!

Self-hosted Design and Project Management Solutions

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At the era of Cloud solutions and worldwide shared resources, some big companies are stuck with a strict prohibition of any Cloud service. Self-hosting is a solution for those companies that want to build modern well-designed interfaces. How to do so if you are stuck outside the overall Cloud system?

Design System: Great Tools for building your System

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You already know that a Design System is not only a shared CSS file or a Figma/Sketch bunch of libraries. A Design System is made up of 80% human (relationships, sharing, daily work), and 20% documentation, tools and libraries. I want to help you with the small part.

Image SEO – WordPress Plugin for optimizing your images

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Everyone has heard of SEO when it comes to optimizing their search engine visibility. However, very few people pay attention to the SEO of their images, and it starts with very simple things that are rarely put in place. Image SEO can help you with this.

The best WYSIWYG Editors

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When the need arises to focus on writing texts for web pages, WYSIWYG editors allow you to project yourself into what your text will look like once it is published on your page, or at least give you a good idea of what it will be like. Here is a selection of editors that can be installed in your web projects.

Web Resources #45

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Long time with no selection. Here is a big one with a medley of UX Design and User Research resources, but also SXO, SEO, UI Design and fun tools to compose color palettes, JavaScript and CSS demo to learn animated stuff and modern JS, and some great Accessibility resources and articles.