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Second post about sharing resources with the same form of the first one. Thanks to your feedback, I knew you loved this kind of publication. Among resources I share, some are to follow closely, despite their young age. They are promising. So, this is the second post with shared resources. Enjoy !
Don’t hesitate to share your own experience if you already tested one of these tools.


  • RainyDay.js – a script that simulate rain dropping over a pane. Wonderful!
  • QuestionMark.js – a light plugin allowing you to display shortcuts of your application.
  • FancySelect.js – a light plugin that allows you to customize select element.
  • BackgroundCheck –  a script that detects the background color to change the color of an item just over it, automagically.
  • Together.js – a script allowing the creation of a collaborative workspace.
  • DrawingBoard.js – allows the creation of a customize drawing board.
  • RulersGuides.js – adds some Photoshop-like rules to your website.
  • Pace.js – display a progress bar indicates the loading progression of a web page.


  • Move Login – security plugin that allows you to change the authentification page.
  • WP Test – inserts testing data in your WordPress installation to control your theme stability.



  • Group Layer Renaming – allows you to rename multiple layers in one time.
  • – a plugin (CS6 and CC) to browse and use royalties free icons.


Mucis like video can be a part of your web page contents. You need the right tools for the right things.

  • Au bout du fil – some free music files. (in french, but good resource)
  • Newgrounds Audio – the audio part of Newgrounds has “video game” and fun ambience.


  • CSS Crush – a CSS preprocessor in PHP.
  • ChocolateChip UI – a framework allowing you to create web app with a native app appearance.
  • Prezi – to create beautiful slides for your conferences.
  • BentoBox – a box with lot of tools to help you with learning web langages.