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UX / UI, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Accessibility and a lot of pixels and animations on this selection. Learn Grid Layout while having fun, discover more on CSS Variables or Font Variable. I also have a selection of digital artist to make this selection not only technical. Have fun!

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UX / UI Design


Font variables are a thing today. They help you build more readable products with no impact on performance. In this selection, CSS Grid and CSS Variables (Custom Properties) are in the game too. Then some JS libraries and tips to help you build responsive and accessible interfaces.

CSS & SVG selection

Learn Grid Layout while having fun, know more on CSS Variables and Font Variable thanks to this little selection.

JavaScript & Accessibility selection

JavaScript to help you with UX, accessibility and performance on this selection.


2 random tools to help you with GDPR design, and sharing useful video. I told you, random.

  • Loom – A new kind of work communication tool that helps you get your message across through instantly shareable video. And you can also share your face and your screen simultaneously.
  • GDPR Design by CNIL – An english community to help you with the GDPR stuff.

Demo, Folio & Inspiration time

I had a lot of illustration, art, character design and demo selection this month I shared on Twitter. Enjoy these pixels and animations!

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