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Long time with no selection. Here is a big one with a medley of UX Design and User Research resources, but also SXO, SEO, UI Design and fun tools to compose color palettes, JavaScript and CSS demo to learn animated stuff and modern JS, and some great Accessibility resources and articles.

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If I had to keep one is a tool to help you build consistent color palettes and systems by improving the accessibility of you interface.

Leonardo Color Contrast Tool

UX Design and User Research

UX Design is about knowing your users, but also knowing yourself as a biased person who tries to get a bit of empathy. Here are some resources to help you doing all of that.

UI Design and Visual Design

Great tools to help you build colorful and contrasted interfaces and illustrate those with illustration and great vector images.

Animating and styling with CSS

A lot of resources on Custom Properties (AKA CSS Variables), but also resources to learn RTL styling and animation.

JavaScript and PWA

Learn how JavaScript works and how to learn modern JS building a Tetris game.

Accessibility and quality

Some people think building accessible interfaces is for “accessibility extremists”. You would be glad to learn that is a part of the job for a proper Designer. Great readings to follow.

Have fun and share the love!