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Copy into clipboard with JavaScript

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You certainly already met those buttons to “Copy into Clipboard”. They usually use a trick made with Flash to overcome a security feature provided by our web browsers? Avec the evolution of JS API and the listening of developer requests, you can now (since some months) do it with JavaScript natively.

Fast-tap: remove the 350ms delay on iOS

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You certainly know that weird feature on your smartphone that blocks your actions during a little delay (350ms) when you tap an item on your screen? Some JS scripts can be implemented to avoid that delay, but often without any side effect… Today, it’s possible to do it with only CSS!

Read URL GET parameters with JavaScript

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Seems to be really easy when you think about it. Though, during the same week, we questioned me two times about that. In a server language, getting the URL parameters is really easy. But JavaScript doesn’t offer a way to do it natively. I propose to you a little function to do so, but perhaps other ways exist already.