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Posts by Geoffrey Crofte

Create a Sticky menu with CSS and JavaScript

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I recently worked on several websites, and the request for a sticky menu was almost systematic. Sometimes it was justified, sometimes I approached the stereotypical ergonomic counter-example. But still! Let’s see together how we can do that.

Natural Flow First

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Last week, I worked on a new short web project: the WP Media Company website. It’s a single web page with some typical sections and subtle animations. I was ready to code it with a Mobile First method, and I finally thought about a more natural one. I named it: (Natural) Flow First.

Read URL GET parameters with JavaScript

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Seems to be really easy when you think about it. Though, during the same week, we questioned me two times about that. In a server language, getting the URL parameters is really easy. But JavaScript doesn’t offer a way to do it natively. I propose to you a little function to do so, but perhaps other ways exist already.

A more performant “onresize” and “onscroll” in JS

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If you are a frequently user of JS, you have certainly noticed that some events are triggered quite occasionally, and others can be triggered very frequently and become quite difficult to manage, as in the case of “onscroll” and “onresize” for example.

WordPress Plugin: SF Move Login

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WordPress is the most popular CMS around the world, and its authentification page to access your administration area is really really easy to find, because I just have to add /wp-admin at the end of your domain to access the admin of a WordPress installation. Ok, so? Ready to move on?

Web Resources #3

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The Web is too bug. I propose to you to keep digging to find the best resources of the week/month (depending the time I give to curating). I mainly use social network to find and share those links. This is a selection of JS, CSS and UI resources only for you.

Web Resources #2

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Second post about sharing resources with the same form of the first one. Thanks to your feedback, I knew you loved this kind of publication. Among resources I share, some are to follow closely, despite their young age. They are promising. So, this is the second post with shared resources. Enjoy !

Web Resources #1

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I often see a lot of very interesting resources on my networks, but I don’t have time enought to test each. Sometimes, I use this blog to make a review of a particular tool, but it’s only when I have time to do so. I therefore propose to you a list of links that caught my attention.

Advanced drop shadows with CSS3

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I use the name “CSS3″ only for its “commercial” aspect. Actually, we will use my two favorite pseudo-elements :after and :before which are available since CSS2.1. I mean they are available since a long time ago… Demos you see in the demo page are composed with only one unique <div> and some CSS properties.

Find a font from an image or an URL

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“This font is just awesome! I want the same for my new project!”. Yep, it’s happening to me too, sometimes. But I’m not a typographer. When I need to find the name of a typeface I saw, I have two solutions: asking Twitter (so, what?!) or using a tool to help me. And you know what? I found one to help me in that task.